Slejko_Christa.jpg President
Dr. Christa Slejko, 972-273-3010

Senior Administrative Assistant to the President
Debbie Eberle, 972-273-3010

President's Team

The President's Team (PT) is made up of the following staff members:
The President's Team meets twice monthly to guide the implementation of the strategic plan, direction of the college and to address operational issues.

Academic Deans

  • Executive Dean of Liberal Arts
    Dr. Shawnda Floyd, 972-273-3482
  • Executive Dean of Math and Science
    Dr. Marilyn Mays, 972-273-3500
  • Executive Dean of Visual & Performing Arts and Sports Science
    Dr. David Evans, 972-273-3560
  • Executive Dean of West Campus/Construction Technology
    Mike Cooley, 972-860-7839
  • Executive Dean of Workforce, Business & Technology
    Tim H. Samuels, 972-273-3450

Non-Academic College Administrators

  • Dean of Admission, Records and Academic Advising
    Francyenne Maynard, 972-273-3109
  • Dean of Educational and Administrative Technology
    Jeff Williams, 972-273-3339
  • Dean of Educational Partnerships & Student Recruitment
    Lynda Edwards, 972-273-3130
  • Dean of Disability Services, Veterans Affairs and Counseling Services
    Carole Gray, 972-273-3165