Final Exam Schedule - Fall 2016

Day​ Class Time​ Exam Day​ Exam Time
MW​ 8:00-9:20am​ Mon, Dec. 12 8:00-9:50am​
MW​ 9:30-10:50am​ Wed, Dec. 14 9:30-11:20am​
MW​ 11:00am-12:20pm​ Mon, Dec. 12 11:00am-12:50pm​
MW​ 12:30-1:50pm​ Wed, Dec. 14 12:30-2:20pm​
MW​ 2:00-3:20pm​ Mon, Dec. 12 2:00-3:50pm​
TR​ 8:00-9:20am​ Tues, Dec. 13
TR​ ​9:30-10:50am Thurs, Dec. 15 ​9:30-11:20am
TR​ 11:00am-12:20pm​ Tues, Dec. 13 ​11:00am-12:50pm
TR​ 12:30-1:50pm​ Thurs, Dec. 15 12:30-2:20pm​​
TR​ 2:00-3:20pm​ Tues, Dec. 13 2:00-3:50pm​
Night​ Class Time​ Exam Day​ ​Exam Time
MW​ 4:15-5:35pm​ Mon, Dec. 12 4:15-6:05pm​
MW​ 5:45-7:05pm​ Wed, Dec. 14 5:45-7:35pm​
MW​ 7:15-8:35pm​ Mon, Dec. 12 7:15-9:05pm​
TR​ 4:15-5:35pm​ Tues, Dec. 13 4:15-6:05pm​
TR​ 5:45-7:05pm​ Thurs, Dec. 15
TR​ 7:15-8:35pm​ Tues, Dec. 13 7:15-9:05pm​
Mon only​ 5:45-8:35pm​ Mon, ​Dec. 12 5:45-7:35pm​
Tues only​ 5:45-8:35pm​​ Tues, Dec. 13
Wed only​ 5:45-8:35pm​​ Wed, Dec. 14 5:45-7:35pm​​
Thurs only​ 5:45-8:35pm​​ Thurs, Dec. 15 5:45-7:35pm​​
Mon only​ ​7:15-10:05pm Mon, Dec. 12
Tues only​ 7:15-10:05pm​ Tues, Dec. 13
Wed only​ 7:15-10:05pm​ Wed, Dec. 14
Thurs only​ 7:15-10:05pm​ Thurs, Dec. 15
Fri only​ Fri, Dec. 9
Regular class time​
Sat only​ Sat, Dec. 10
Regular class time​


If you have a class that does not fit into the above schedule, please contact your instructor for the date and time of the final exam.​