Parking Decals & Student IDs

Parking Decals and Student IDs are both issued in the Student Resource Center in L240.

Student ID

Student IDs are required to take tests in the testing center, to borrow items from the math lab, to check out library materials, and for using the Student Resource Center.

Your first Student ID is free. Bring your current fee receipt and a picture ID to be issued your NLC Student ID. There is a $10 fee for replacement ID cards, payable at the cashier's office.

Parking Decal

Parking decals are required for all students. Parking decals assist the police in identifying the driver of your car in the event of an emergency, accident, etc.

Parking decals are free. Complete a Vehicle Registration Card in the Student Resource Center or fill out the Application for Parking Permit and bring it in along with your photo ID and vehicle information (including license plate number), when you come to register.
Students do not need to bring vehicle registration, proof of insurance, or car title. To obtain a parking decal, bring only basic information: the year, make, model, and color of the car, license plate number, and name of the registered owner.
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Central Campus, L240